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Pure Gold: Dancing With the Stars All-Star Cast Revealed

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Season X of Dancing with the Stars is just around the corner.

(which brings us to how did this show survive 10 seasons in the first place? But I digress…)

The first episode will air March 22.

Here is the list of celebrities that will be featured, and their individual "claims to fame"

  • Chad "I’m still stuck on Revis Island" OchoCinco

  • Kate "it was always for the kids" Gossellin

  • Pamela "CJ Parker" Anderson

  • Erin Andrews (Need I say anything?)

  • Shannen Doherty (Yes)

  • Buzz Aldrin (To the moon!)

  • Nichole Scherzinger (Pussycat Dolls)

  • Niecy Nash (Reno 911)

  • Aiden Turner (All My Children)

  • Jake Pavelka (The Bachelor)

  • Evan Lysacek (Olympic figure skater)

What an eclectic mix!

What if we filmed a reality TV series with this bunch? Ocho would become the first person to successfully Tweet from the moon and Erin could interview him on the scene. All the while hanging out with Buzz Aldrin and the guy from "The Bachelor" with plenty of eye candy in the background. They could then bring in the "Reno 911" cop to arrest them all for the scandalous behavior that would probably ensue.

Never have watched the show, just have seen the short clips of the football players that have been featured in it. Although this season, I’m in. (question is --- will we make it past the first episode?)

.........Will you be tuning in this season?