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Darren Sproles: Pursue or No?

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The Jets may pursue a running back on the market to replace Thomas Jones. I don't think Darren Sproles would be that guy. He would replace Leon Washington if the Jets let him walk. The two are very similar players, small, dynamic in the return game, excellent pass catchers, and dangerous in space.

Sproles has a 4.5 career average as a rusher. He put up career highs of 45 receptions and 497 receiving yards in 2009. He's a good player. Could he carry the load as the top back on a team? I think he'd have a better shot than his doubters would contend. At the very least, he's an excellent change of pace back and a real homerun threat.

Why would the Jets pursue him? Maybe to get an extra pick in this year's deep Draft. Leon Washington is a restricted free agent. The Jets will get an early pick if he leaves. The Jets could add a young player and keep the same threat out of the backfield by signing Sproles. They also would lose a slot to sign an unrestricted free agent. That's what he is because San Diego inexplicably refused to tender him.

I think this would be a risky move for the Jets, too risky. Leon Washington adds an extra dimension to the offense. There's no guarantee they could sign Sproles. The Kansas State product would be in demand. There's no way the Jets could be sure they could land him. That should be enough to veer away from this strategy.

I vote do not pursue.

How do you vote?