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Shonn is Ready to Carry Gang Greene

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RB Shonn Greene is ready to be the starter.  He was at a "Play 60" event today, and Manish Mehta of The Newark Star-Ledger caught up with him.  The Greene Machine said that he pretty much prepared like a starter last season, and he'll continue to work hard in 2010.

"That’s how I prepared last season," Greene told The Star-Ledger. "And I’m going to do the same thing this year.  I’m just going to do what the team asks of me. If that’s taking on a bigger role and taking on a bulk of the carries, then that’s what I’m going to do."

Shonn also stated he would miss RB Thomas Jones but expects to have a good relationship with RB LaDainian Tomlinson.

"[Jones has] been almost like a father to me," Greene said. "Everything I know now, I got from him -- how to go about the business in this game, how to carry yourself, how to watch film. We had a good bond."

"I can learn a little bit from LaDainian, because he’s a pretty shifty guy," Greene said. "He doesn’t get hit as much as other running backs. Maybe I can learn something there. But I’m a football player and I like contact. That’s why I play this game. So it’s going to be kind of hard to avoid it."

Greene, who mimicked Tomlinson's touchdown celebration during the Jets divisional playoff win in San Diego, officially retired the move now that the future Hall of Famer will be his teammate. Tomlinson joked on Tuesday that he'd help Greene perfect some of the finer points of the move. But ...

"I won't be doing it anymore," Greene said with a laugh. "That's his move."

According to Manish, Greene is "fully recovered" from the rib injury that sidelined him in the AFC Championship Game.  He wasn't allowed to return then because he was "having trouble breathing and bending at the waist".  Shonn also talked about the fumbling issues, admitting that RB Coach Anthony Lynn helped him adjust the way he holds the ball.