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Jets Flight Connections 03-18-10

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S James Ihedigbo reports from Haiti.  I'm really proud of "Digs", WR David Clowney, LB Vernon Gholston and former Jets DB Ahmad Carroll for all the good they are doing.  Ihedigbo writes about Day One.

Day Two.

And Day Three.

Ihedigbo asks that you visit and help.

The signing of RB LaDainian Tomlinson doesn't necessarily solve our backfield problems.

The Jets may not be too confident that RB Leon Washington will return to the same game-changing player.

Former Jets FS Kerry Rhodes reportedly showed little effort.

There is a Jets Fest on March 28.  It looks like 7 current Jets are scheduled to appear.

One of them is K Jay Feely, who may or may not be a Cardinal by then.


More connections after the jump.


The Jets Kvetch cares a whole lot.  And so do I.

The Jets Blog explains LS James Dearth's tough 2009 season.

The team has signed DE Rodrique Wright.

GM Mike Tannenbaum spoke about LT.

There has been speculation on the retirement of LG Alan Faneca.  Yeah, I don't think it'll be this year.

Faneca talks about "Blocking Out Epilepsy." debates whether to let QB Mark Sanchez air it out or keep grounding and pounding.

Jets owner Woody Johnson says that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's integrity was never questioned.

It looks like the NFL and the owners can see past this squabble and approve a New York Super Bowl.

Thanks to Cold_Old_Steelers_Fan for these links on DB Bo Smith: CBS Sport's player profile and his CFL stats.

random122 provides this link to this video.  Is it just me, or does Smith kind of look like Bodie from The Wire?

GGN member Crackback explains why New England won't release LB Adalius Thomas before the draft.

GGN member njdevil7 explains why LT is a great signing.

And GGN member nrmax88 shares endorsement opportunities for CB Antonio Cromartie.

Dolphins QB Chad Henne says QB Tim Tebow is not an NFL QB.

Some say Tebow should be drafted by New England.

DE Dwan Edwards wants to be a leader in Buffalo.

USA Today analyzes the proposed overtime changes.

One proposition is that a field goal alone would not result in a win.

Former NFL OT Jon Runyan will launch his campaign for New Jersey congress.

You can watch Texas Stadium implode.

Lastly, relive some more RB Thomas Jones moments: