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GGN Exclusive Video - "Jets Year In Review"

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Happy St Patrick's Day! (To all of our Irish GGN fans and those of you that will be partaking in this holiday!)

As a treat, I'd like to present something that we've been hard at work on. This video was created, compiled, and edited 100% by us. A GGN Exclusive, if you will.

The New York Jets 2009-2010 Season in Review!

(For optimal viewing, I would advise you all to full-screen the video, make sure your sound is turned ON, and to close the advertisements which may appear at the bottom of the video [by clicking the "X"])

The video can be viewed above, OR by clicking here.

We have also created a GGN YouTube! So subscribe to our channel here.

Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts on the YouTube video page. This is something we are looking at branching out towards, and would love your feedback.

Thanks again, and enjoy!