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Woody Loses Support Over Coin-Flip Criticism

The Jets may have taken a step backwards in their bid to host Super Bowl XLVIII in their new $1.7 billion stadium.

When owner Woody Johnson publicly criticized Commissioner Roger Goddell on Monday for his "coin-flip" method which was used to decide whether Jets or Giants would open the new stadium, he ruffled some feathers.

According to Gary Myers, a league source told NY Daily News that Goodell felt he was unfairly attacked by Johnson when he questioned the commissioner's authority and integrity. As a result, when the owners' meetings take place in April, there is a chance that others may show support for Goodell.

How will they express their distaste for Johnson's attacks and support the commissioner? By voting against the Jet's bid to host Super Bowl XLVIII. 

Johnson had previously criticized Goodell for holding the coin-flip without either team present. Goodell flipped a coin in his office last Friday to determine who would open in the new stadium.

While Goodell himself doesn't have a vote, he can influence owners that DO. I think Gary Myers explained how the system works in the best possible way:

"If the commissioner wants something to happen, it usually happens".

The apologizing and ass-kissing must start on Sunday when the owners' meetings commence in Orlando, Fl. Remember, Goodell was previously very supportive of the Jet's bid, and many were referring to GangGreen as the "front-runner" to host the big game.

The presentations and voting are just around the corner and slated to take place on May 24-26 in Dallas, Tx., where the Jets, Fish, and Bucs will battle for the rights to host the 2014 Super Bowl.