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Adalius: I Never Said I Wanted To Play For The Jets

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Once again thanks to the mystery emailer who passed this one to me today, not a big reader of the Boston Herald, but this was quite interesting:

Many expect the linebacker, who was at odds with coach Bill Belichick last season, will be released soon. Thomas disputed the notion, however, that he has a grand desire to play for the New York Jets, as recently described by Jets linebacker Bart Scott. Thomas claimed he never made any such intentions known to his former Ravens teammate.

"I’ve heard of all the chatter up there about me," Thomas wrote. "It was about something Bart Scott said on TV, (and) that’s not what was said . . . I have never told anyone that I wanted to leave and go play for the Jets."

I had almost forgotten about this until now, so with it looking like there is a chance he could well be stored on the Patriots roster, he didn't say he wanted to play for the Jets. I think I'm right in saying he missed team work-outs, and no resolution on where he will play has been reached.

Patriots won't release him because I would put it at a 95%+ chance that he joined the Jets within days of being released.

"I have been asked by coaches, reporters (and) players, ‘Where are (you) going to play next year?’ And my response has been I don’t know," Thomas wrote in the e-mail. "I’m still a Patriot unless you know something I don’t know, but reporters report any type of hype.

"Not once did anyone of (the media) . . . pick up the phone or e-mail and ask if (that) was what I said. So I’m a Patriot until otherwise noted from Bill (Belichick) or the organization."

He also claimed according to the BH, that he was unaware that the Patriots work outs started yesterday. Some reason I'm not sure I'm buying that one. I'm sure the Patriots are looking for peanut trades as we speak, anywhere but the Jets, I don't blame them, if anyone knows how to get the best out of Adalius, it's Rex Ryan.