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Jets Flight Connections 03-16-10

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WR David Clowney, LB Vernon Gholston and S James Ihedigbo help out in Haiti.

The Fifth Down reveals Gang Green's situation and needs.

C Nick Mangold appeared on SNY last night.

The Jets and Giants will both open the stadium on the same weekend.

Commissioner Roger Goodell seems chicken for pulling that fishy secret coin toss thing.

Rich Cimini reminds us that this is the same NFL who conducted that fishy SpyGate tape destruction thing.

Dave Hutchinson has a funny quote: "The league had a two-headed coin and the Giants called heads."

Judy Battista writes about how a coin flip can get complicated.

Steve Serby presents a simple solution on how to rise above the oppression.

Gary Myers is worried that "Coin Toss Gate" would have a negative effect on the New York Super Bowl.

New Jersey senators are still campaigning for a Super Bowl.

More connections after the jump.

Please, somebody tell the incredible Mike Florio that RB Shonn Greene is the premier back, and therefore, he doesn't have to explain anything. This is Gang Greene Nation and will be so, long after LT has gone.

Not only does he have to deal with Greene, but #21 might also have an issue with CB Antonio Cromartie. Controversies everywhere. Soon you'll see a story about him and CB Dwight Lowery fighting over the number.

Michael Salfino has doubts about the LD signing.

Brian Bassett opines on the LT2 signing.

What might LDT have to say about the problematic Prius?

Former teammmate FB Lorenzo Neal is happy for Tomlinson.

LaDainian has been a team guy since high school. has the numbers for new RB LaDainian Tomlinson.

L-Train has admired the Jets ground-and-pound approach. (As you may have noticed, I still haven't settled on a nickname. See poll below.)

The Jets Blog calls out MoFo for his blatant rumor mongering.

What was the cost for the Kansas City Star ad about RB Thomas Jones?

George Vecsey shares the details on HC Rex Ryan's surgery - and he didn't have to show up unannounced to the man's residence.

How much money does owner Woody Johnson have?

Pro Football Focus presents the All AFC East Team.

LB Adalius Thomas denies stating a desire to play for New York.

Here is the state of the Dolphins.

Miami is looking into G Richie Incognito.

Buffalo might adapt Nick Saban's 3-4 defense.