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Ihedigbo leads Group Of 20 To Haiti

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I thought we had covered this, and I think we may have, but thanks to Newcomb for posting this up in the fanshot section, and I received an email (not sure who that was, but whoever it was, thanks for point it out).

Ihedigbo and two other Jets players have flown to Haiti to help the relief effort:

NEW YORK -- Three New York Jets players traveled to Haiti on Monday to help with the relief and recovery efforts following the earthquake that killed a government-estimated 230,000 people and made 1.3 million homeless in January.

Safety James Ihedigbo led a group of about 20 to Port-au-Prince, including linebacker Vernon Gholston, wide receiver David Clowney and former Jets cornerback Ahmad Carroll, along with medical professionals and volunteers.

We are all quick to criticise these players on the field sometime, and their short comings, so it's only right we highlight all of the great things these guys do as well. Remember it's not too late to donate to the cause in Haiti, as there is still a lot of work to be done.

It's good to see the Jets doing their part.