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Brandon Marshall, It's Not About Football!

Just when I thought we could forget about this guy, we have to do the 180 and look at it again, due to certain "sources" of Mike Lombardi and the NFP

I keep hearing from my Jets sources that they’re having internal discussions regarding Brandon Marshall and would love to put together a package of players that might entice the Broncos and still keep their first-round pick.

Brian Bassett of The Jets Blog pretty much summed up my thoughts on this with his post on the issue today

Talent is unquestionable, but I'm being completely honest here when I say that I would find it almost impossible to root for a man who has allegations on him for all of the following crimes:  domestic violence several times over, assault on a police officer, being the intended target in a murder case, drawing a gun on his own father, driving under the influence, all of which can be found here

You want to purge a locker room of a leader like Thomas Jones, and then add in my opinion the walking epitome of a despicable human being, to work with a young team of budding stars.... I don't care if he comes gift wrapped with a bow attached to his head, there are cases of people who have made a mistake and can be rehabilitated, like the Braylon Edwards incident, and to some degree the Antonio Cromartie, even though the only mistake he made was not paying his child maintenance. Then there are cases where the guy is just past the stage of rehabilitation, and that's what we have here.

No thanks, pass, let someone else mortgage the house for a character like this. I want nothing to do with Brandon Marshall, and if we get him, I will be absolutely furious with the decision. People were worried about the impact Kerry's attitude would have on the team....this is on a whole other playing field

For once Mike, keep your hands in your pockets, and pass on any deal.