Why the Pats Won't Release Adalius Thomas Before the Draft?

So everybody and their momma knows that the Patriots are going to release OLB Adalius Thomas, and that he'll likely be scooped up by the Jets when they do. So why are they putting off the inevitable? It just doesn't make sense to release him prior to the draft.

The three reasons why are:
1) Screw'em both. The Jets will have expend a large amount of cash in signing their draft picks. There might not be enough left over to sign Thomas for what he's worh. So the Pats might get lucky if the Jets fill their need and don't sign him at all. And if the Jets sign him anyway, there's a good chance they will either over-run their budget or sign him for peanuts, and thereby stick it to Thomas in the process.

2) Pats are just weirdo crazies. They're always secretive about stuff everybody already knows. Like injuries for example. This year, everybody knows they need a pass rusher. But with Thomas still on the roster, they technically have the position filled and could look to fill other needs during the draft. So they won't want to relinquish any "competitive advantage" they may have and will keep him on the roster at draft time. Is it idiotic? Absolutely, but hey thats the Pats.

3) Hey you never know. Maybe they can get lucky and trade him before/during the draft. That way they don't have to worry about a hated division rival getting him or facing him at least twice this year.

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