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Rex Has Wanted Cromartie

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Interesting story in the Post today. Apparently Rex Ryan and his trusted assistants have wanted to get their hands on Antonio Cromartie for years.

Jets head coach Rex Ryan and his top defensive assistants have wanted to coach Antonio Cromartie since he came into the NFL.

Now, thanks to a trade last week, they are.

Ryan, Mike Pettine and Dennis Thurman were assistant coaches with the Ravens in 2006 when Cromartie was drafted into the NFL, 19th overall by the Chargers, after what Thurman called the best workout he'd even seen from a defensive back.

"Rex and I both walked away and we knew we weren’t going to draft him to Baltimore, but maybe one day we’ll get a chance to coach this guy," Thurman told "Lo and behold, the guy’s walking into the building and he’s a very welcome addition. Playing alongside Darrelle Revis, we feel like now we have maybe the best tandem in pro football.

I love hearing this. It sounds like the staff has put a lot of thought into exactly how it would coach Cromartie up to reach his top shelf potential. I'm starting to get optimistic on this front.