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Strickland for Cromartie?

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In effect, that's what the Jets have done ---swapped a nickelback for a CB2 with the Bolts.

Today the Chargers signed the 29-year-old CB to a two-year deal... returning the vet to "The Golden State" where he was born and raised.

ESPN's Adam Schefter first confirmed it with this Tweet:

Filed to ESPN: CB Donald Strickland reached agreement with the Chargers on a two-year deal.

Good move by the Jets. The injury-ridden Strickland was far from consistent as a Jet; and, on a larger scale, in his career. He has played in 10 or more games only thrice in his eight-year career.

This season Strickland recorded only 26 tackles, deflected two passes, forced one fumble, and came away with No INT's (in fact, he has recorded only two INT's in his entire career, and both were in his rookie season!)

Strickland getting injured and being forced to exit the AFC Championship game in the second quarter marked the turning point for Peyton Manning's comeback, and we just cannot afford that type of inconsistent play in our secondary.

Cro is the way to go!!! This blitz-from-everywhere, 3-4 defense will give him a lot of chances to make big plays --- something he loves to do. Definitely no stranger to taking chances, and Rex bringing him to NY tells me that he will be getting the green-light to follow his instincts and jump routes/take some gambles on 50/50 balls. He also gives us the versatility to swap and take Revis off WR1's if needed. Rex has said he will do some rotating to limit our predictability on defense.

Strickland is a good cover-corner, but his injury concerns are the reason that I think the Jets got the better end of the bargain regarding these two moves.