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The Safety Debate

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Let's talk about the eventful week at the safety position. Are the Jets better than they were a week ago?


We all know Kerry Rhodes' faults. He was an underachiever in Rex Ryan's defense even as several of his teammates had standout years. He's also got an attitude. The coaching staff was so underwhelmed that it benched him. He's also soft against the run. The Jets added a comparable cover guy in Brodney Pool for a fraction of the cost. Pool is much more physical and stronger against the run. In addition, the Jets added a fourth round pick in a very talented Draft class.


Kerry may have had a disappointing year, but he had a strong finish. There were great games against Carolina, Atlanta, and Cincinnati. There's no way the Jets would have beaten San Diego in the Playoffs without him having a stellar game. At his best, he's a game changing defender. Pool may be more physical, but that comes at a price. His style of play has resulted in four concussions since 2005. That makes him an enormous risk. One more bad hit to the head could mean the end of his career.

The Verdict:

I know this probably won't be popular in these parts, but you'll have a tough time convincing me the Jets are better in the free safety position now than they were a week ago. When Kerry is playing his best ball, there aren't many safeties better. Kerry's also never missed a game due to injury. Pool is a huge risk.

I know Rhodes comes off as an egotistical jerk. What team has perfect harmony, though? I also really liked the Pool signing. It was a low cost move that could pay huge dividends. Still, asking him to navagate an entire season with his style of play seems like a lot. This team could probably use more insurance at the position.

What do you think?