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Getting To Know Brodney Pool

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I thought that now the deal was done, would get to know our new FS a little bit, fully expect him to be lining up next to Jim Leonhard when the season opens later this year, so what do we know about him. I embarked on a little fact finding mission.

Name: Brodney Pool

Position: FS

Height: 6'2

Weight: 210lb's

Age: 25

College: Oklahoma

Experience: 5 years

First Interception: November 6th 2005 v  the late Steve 'Air' McNair

Brodney Pool In The Community:

It seems like a strange place to start, but work within the community is something that every player should be involved with, and it seems like Brodney has done his share, and several other people's as well. As well as setting up "Pool's Posse", which worked with schools, so that children with special needs who worked hard in school, could have the opportunity to watch the Browns, and enjoy a great day out, that included food and drink, and their own T-shirts. Pool worked with 5 different schools in the Cleveland area to reward pupils who worked hard.

He has also worked with the Cleveland clinic children's hospital, taken part in the organized charity 'Toys 4 Tots', worked with the Cleveland food bank as well as the NFL's "Grassroots Field Renovation Program" where he among others renovated Cleveland's 'Bump Taylor Field'. Placing an emphasis on the privileged helping the unprivileged. Took part in the toy extravaganza event in Cleveland in 2009 which involved inviting 300 children to Browns stadium, spending time with them, and then giving them each a gift purchased by himself and three other players.

Took part in the "Pro's v G.I Joes" event in 2008, where he and three other Browns players took on US troops stationed in Kuwait. The event was set up to improve troop moral and the game of choice for all you interested: Call Of Duty V.

While At Oklahoma:

Brodney was a two year starter at Oklahoma taking over the starting safety job in 2003, and holding it until he left after the 2004 season. He actually took an official visit with the Jets before the 2005 draft, and named them as one of the teams that was the most interested in him. Totaled 171 tackles, 113 of which were solo, 9 interceptions, 15 tackles for a loss, 2 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, 15 passes broken up in 25 starts. Associated Press All-Big Twelve Conference first-team choice for the 2004 season. Led Oklahoma with 92 tackles his final season, in his final game he recorded 7 tackle, 6 solo and one for a loss in the 2004 Orange Bowl.

Selected In The 2nd Round By The Cleveland Browns

With five years in the Browns organization, Brodney Pool has amassed 276 tackles, 227 of which were solo. 35 pass defences. 4 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, 11 interceptions returned collectively for 182 yards and a TD. Missed 5 games in 2009 with a concussion, missed one game in 2008 (opening week) with a concussion. Appeared in 1ll 16 games during 2006, as well as subbing as a cornerback when Leigh Bodden went down with an ankle injury. Was part of the defensive unit that limited the Jets to under 200 total yards. Missed a game with an ankle injury in 2005. After reading his bio, although most agree he has had four concussions, as far as I can see, only two have made him miss any time, and one of them was precautionary at the start of the 2008 season. His 2009 end of season concussion seems to be the one that has made him miss significant time.

Some Video Highlights

Brodney Pool Picks Off Kyle Boller 100 Yards Return Vs Ravens 2007 (via ClevelandBrowns2009)