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Scouting The Draft: Terrence 'Mount' Cody, DT, Alabama

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With the complete lack of any Jet news to get excited about right now, or to even report on, I thought I would complete a half finished "scouting the draft" article, and it seems logical to turn to Mount Cody. The Jets Blog also did their profile of Terrence today, so make sure you check that out as well by clicking here....

All of you know that we reported yesterday that Rex Ryan was down in Alabama for the pro day, (I wonder who got to the buffet line first, Rex or the Mountain). Anyway we can't say for sure that the reason he was there was Terrence. Alabama have some interesting prospects like cornerback duo, Kareem Jackson and Javier Arenas, safety Justin Woodall among others.

Cody weighed in at 349lb's at his pro day, which was a 5 lb's reduction in what he weighed at the combine. It is also the first time he has come in at under 350lb's for some time. Many of you will remember that he weighed in at a ridiculous 370lb's at the Senior Bowl, which just strengthened the comments regarding his commitment for weight control. Few people know that while playing at Junior college, his weight was actually an enormous 410lb's.

He also managed 22 repetitions of the 225lb's bench press drill, and ran the 40 in an impressive 5.4

Career Stats

2006- played at Mississippi Gulf coast college. 48 tackles, 2.5 sacks, 1 interception

2007- played at Mississippi Gulf Coast college, 31 tackles, 3.5 sacks

2008- Alabama. 24 tackles 4.5 for a loss, 0.5 sacks

2009- Alabama. 28 tackles 6.0 for a loss, 0 sacks

Career Achievements

  • 2× Consensus All-American (2008, 2009)
  • 2× First-team All-SEC (2008, 2009)
  • First-team Junior College All-America (2007)

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What Does Terrence Cody Do Well?

Terrence is a big body plain and simple, his stats are not going to jump out at you but his team mates ones will. He anchors the line using that big body to occupy two blockers, I've seen him take on three. Not only does he take them on but he has shown an ability to split then and shred blockers, he has long arms, and protects the inside lanes quite well. Creates a pile at the line making it very hard for running backs to find lanes. Excellent strength that allows him to push players back and decrease the size of the pocket.

What Does Terrence Cody Not Do So Well?

The bottom line is that his weight is a problem, he has had it down before and it has ballooned right back up again. He is not an every down players, will need to be rotated. Offers very little in pass rush, doesn't have the motor to track people in the open field. Doesn't always wrap the ball carrier up relying on his frame to knock them down. Agility and athleticism are minimal at best. Has been know to wear down pretty badly in a college season so a 16 games NFL season + playoffs could well be a problem.

Final Word

I tend to agree with CB when I say if Rex thinks he is worth in then will trust him. However he has a lot of limitations, his weight is an issue for me, and seeing him wear down while playing in a rotation at Alabama is worrying. He was not an every down player there, and he still got grounded down, in the NFL even without being a every down player, the seasons are longer, each snap is tougher, and his conditioning worries me to the point where I don't think he would be worth a first round selection. Still he is a 3-4 big body, if Rex says yes then there we go, although I personally think he was down their more for the defensive backs than he was for Cody.

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