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Darrent Williams' Killer Brought to Justice

Today, former Denver Broncos' CB Darrent Williams can rest easier.

A jury has found defendant Willie Clark guilty of first-degree murder in the death of Darrent Williams. Clark was facing 21 counts, including 1st-Degree Murder. He has also been found guilty of attempted murder, and we are waiting on confirmation from the Denver Post as to what else resulted.

After the horrible event that took place on New Years Day 2007, justice is finally served.

He is to be sentenced on April 30.


Prosecutors said Clark fired the fatal shots from an SUV that pulled up beside a rented limo carrying Williams and some friends.

Defense attorneys argued that Clark was a scapegoat who wasn't even in the SUV.

Prosecutors said Clark was angry over an altercation between two groups in a nightclub just before the shooting.

Pat Bowlen, Denver Broncos' owner also gave a statement. (Per Denver Post)

“Nothing can ever bring Darrent Williams back or ease the suffering for Rosalind and her grandchildren.

But after three long years, it is very gratifying to see closure brought to this case. This process has been extremely difficult for the Williams family, his friends and teammates, this community, and the entire Denver Broncos organization.

I would like to praise the long and hard work of the Denver Police Department and the Denver District Attorney’s Office. I also want to thank the Denver community for the overwhelming support that both the Williams family and the Broncos have received during this unimaginable tragedy.

Darrent’s legacy will live on for all of us in the Broncos organization, and the outstanding work done each day at the Darrent Williams Memorial Teen Center is a tribute to his impact on this community. Our hearts continue to go out to the entire Williams family.”

(This is not Jets news, but this was definitely one of the most tragic, football-related events of this decade.)

Condolences to the Williams family, and hope that they can find closure. Justice was served.