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Scouting The Draft: Charles Scott, RB, LSU

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I promise that I will get to Ben Tate after this one, been meaning to get to him for a while but keep forgetting when I start looking at someone new. Right now there is so much confusion about the Jets running back situation, will Leon stay, will we sign a veteran back like LT who is set to visit tomorrow?

So let's keep looking at some draft prospects at that position. Here we come to LSU's Charles Scott, a bruiser of a back who is coming off a pretty big injury that cut his 2009 season short. A broken collarbone cut his senior season short, which in turn effected his draft stock. In 2008 a lot of people were raving about Scott, saying that he should turn pro, after all he was coming off a 1,174 yard season and 18 touchdowns. Regardless he decided to stay in school for another year, which actually hurt him. Now he is likely a 3rd or 4th round selection

Career Stats

2006- 7 games, 46 attempts, 277 yards, 6.0 average, 5 TD's, 3 receptions for 24 yards

2007- 14 games, 45 attempts, 324 yards, 7.2 average, 5 TD's. 12 receptions 115 yards, 2 TD's

2008- 13 games, 217 attempts, 1,174, 5.4 average, 18 TD's. 8 receptions for 67 yards

2009- 9 games, 116 attempts, 542 yards, 4.7 average, 4 TD's. 8 receptions 54 yards, 1 TD

Career Achievements

  • 2008 First-Team All-SEC (Coaches)
  • 2008 Second-Team All-SEC (AP)

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What does Charles Scott Do Well:

Charles Scott is your prototypical north/south bruiser. He takes on a lot of contact and he runs people over. He takes a beating to wear defenses down, and he seems to enjoy it. At 238lb's he has excellent bulk, and is decent in goal line situations. He is an above average blocker, who also has decent hands out of the backfield. He has excellent vision and he is patient but aggressive. Does a good job getting past the line of scrimmage and using his power and bulk to move through holes. Won't be brought down by initial contact, and can be used on draw plays effectively. Has surprisingly quick feet for a big guy, and have seen him duke numerous people in the open field. He hangs onto the ball in contact and rarely puts it on the ground. His team work, leadership and work ethic have been lauded since being at LSU, both on the field, in the dressing room and in the weight room.

What Does Charles Scott Not Do So Well:

Although he has a little speed to get to the outside, he often has trouble turning the corner. Doesn't have a great deal of moves when in the open field. Needs to improve technique in pretty much all areas, which include his blocking and movement in the open field. Reminds me a lot like former Jet LaMont Jordan.

Final Word

If we are going to take a back in this draft and we don't want to spend an early pick on it, then Charles Scott would be a nice compliment to Greene. He has the hands, and his blocking can be very effective, would make a nice one-two punch, and with our zone blocking, his vision and then aggressive burst may well be effective, watch the video below and see the speed and aggressiveness that he hits the hole with, also notice how well he follows his FB, with us having a good FB in Richardson (hopefully), it could work a treat.. A hard worker always goes down well with Rex, and if he is sitting there in the 4th and we want a back, I would be happy if we took him. Regardless of where he lands, I think he has a bright career ahead of him. Shame he didn't come out after 2008, as he will be losing a fair bit of $$ this year based off that decision to stay in school.

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