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Jetting Around With The Scouts

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I wasn't going to give this it's own post, but in the end It got me thinking of which players we may be looking at. Our scouts will do the rounds to a lot of pro days, but while we have confirmation of attendance at certain ones, we may as well speculate as to who some of the players are that we may of been there to see:

Western Michigan

Tim Hiller (QB)- Only player that really comes to mind with Western Michigan.

Austin Prichard (ILB)- Potentially a good UDFA to pick up post draft.


Rodger Saffold (OT)- 6-5 305lb, people have been saying we need to look at OL help late on

Matt Mayberry (ILB)- Honorable mention All Big 10.

Jammie Kirlew (DE)- Round 6-7 type prospect, very intelligent, good game reader

Greg Middleton (DE)- Nice physical skill set, is his heart in football?

Nick Polk (FS)- 2 interceptions, 4 passes broken up in 2009, tough character. 4th-5th round?


Ben Tate (RB)- A lot of people like him around here, tough back

Walter McFadden (CB)- Potential later round steal, held his own in a tough SEC division

Jake Ricks (DT)- 6-2 292lb's, could move outside, another potential UDFA

Antonio Coleman (DE)- at 6-2 255, he would be an OLB, 5th-7th round, 10 sacks 16.5 TFL...size worries


Mardy Gilyard (WR)- He's a dangerous player with the ball in his hands, 2nd round possibly?

Ricardo Matthews (DE)- 2nd team All Big East, 3.5 sacks, 11.5 tackles for loss, nobody talking about him

Alex Daniels (OLB)- 8.5 sacks in 2009, 6-2 268lb's....6th-7th-UDFA type player

Aaron Webster (FS)- 69 tackles, 4 interceptions, possible one to watch


John Skelton (QB)- Name seems to be picking up a little steam right now, only player I can think of.