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Jets Flight Connections 03-10-10

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CB Antonio Cromartie checks out his new digs and teammates.

Peter King thinks Cro is a good fit and a good deal for the Jets.

Gang Green hopes the bold move pays off.

NFL FanHouse doesn't like the Jets helping out their troubled player.

The team will meet with two more DBs, Marlin Jackson and Brodney Pool.

CB Darrelle Revis is only the league's 28th most efficient tackler.

Dave Hutchinson cites PFT as the source of the story that RB Leon Washington has talked to the 49ers.

However, signing little Leon woudn't make sense for San Francisco.

It might make sense for New England to gamble on Washington though.


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RB Thomas Jones is now a Chief.

USA Today: Chiefs HC Todd Haley is excited by the TJ signing.

The deal is for $5 million for 2 years, when he wanted more money than that from the Jets this year alone.

FS Kerry Rhodes feels betrayed by the Jets.

Apparently, Hollywood wanted to run the new defense.

He seems to have a problem that "the guys who knew the system" were running things.

Rich Cimini reminds us that even with Kerry's reduced role, the Jets were the best defense. points out that LB David Harris and Revis found success under the new coaches.

FS Darren Sharper says he would love to play for HC Rex Ryan.

This mock draft has the Jets picking DE Everson Griffin.

This mock draft has the Jets picking DE Sergio Kindle.

QB Derek Anderson is released by Cleveland. debates whether Gang Green should take him.

FS Ryan Clark explains why he didn't choose Miami.

It's the same reason FS Antrel Rolle didn't choose Miami.

The Dolphins will re-sign suspended NT Jason Ferguson.

What's the deal with RB Kevin Faulk?

What's the deal with DE Aaron Schobel?

What should Buffalo do with RB Marshawn Lynch?

QB Jim Kelly wants Buffalo to get QB Tim Tebow and LB Joey Porter.

A veteran WR returns to his former team but doesn't realize he'll have a lesser role.

Here is the state of the Steelers, a 2010 Jets opponent.

Is Myron Rolle too smart to play in the NFL? talks about some players on the 2010 draft.

Notre Dame might give up its independence.

Lastly, Gang Green Nation has helped our member Max V.V.'s "The Jets Kvetch" find early success.