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Jets Flight Connections 03-01-10

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First of all, I just want to set the record straight that this BR article was not written by David Wyatt.  This is the source of all the rumors that the Jets are working a big trade with the Chargers.  I can't begin to describe how absolutely improbable and illogical this is.  I wasn't even sure that I wanted to acknowledge the existence of this, but I just wanted to set the record straight, as obviously, someone is trying to stir something up by posing as DW.

Here is the gist of it, so you won't ever have to go to Bleacher Bullsh*t Report ever again:

In an unexpected move the Jets have entered the talks for Antonio Cromartie and even more unexpectedly have offered Darrelle Revis.  On the Chargers end they'll be included a small army of players and the Jets might not be done including some value on their side as well.

As the trade stands now the Chargers would send Antonio Cromartie, Shawn Merriman, Vincent Jackson, their 1st and 3rd round picks in 2010 and their 1st and 2nd round picks in 2011.  The Jets would send Darrelle Revis, Vernon Gholston, Kerry Rhodes and their 3rd and 4th round pick in 2011.

This deal is expected to go down fairly soon so stay close to the most accurate source of sports information, the Bleacher Report.

Read that last sentence again.  Right.  There's a reason I haven't linked anything from that site in months.  I probably won't ever again.  And now on to the real news.

More connections after the jump.


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