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Donald Strickland: Stay or Go?

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The Jets signed Donald Strickland to play the nickel a year ago. He started a pair because of injuries but missed 7 due to an ankle ailment and a concussion. He also left the AFC Championship Game with a quad injury. That was a turning point as Austin Collie and Pierre Garcon burned Drew Coleman and Dwight Lowery time and again. When he was in the lineup, Strickland was fine. He didn't make too many glaring mistakes. The question is whether the Jets want to keep a guy who so struggled to stay on the field. These ailments haven't been isolated. Donald has ended 3 of his 8 NFL seasons on injured reserve.

I could understand the Jets going either way. I personally would like to see him back, though. I know the injury history is a concern, but he's a quality player when he's in there. The Jets would at least get him to produce when he is healthy. If he leaves, the Jets will get no production out of him. If the team wants quality cornerback play, I don't see a ton of wisdom in letting a good player walk.

I vote stay.

How do you vote?