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Jets Flight Connections 020810

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Former Jets LB Jonathan Vilma wins the Super Bowl in Miami.

OC Brian Schottenheimer is very happy for Saints QB Drew Brees.

USA Today: Colts HC Jim Caldwell's perfect ending proves elusive, too.

Sun Sentinel: Ankle injury catches up with DE Dwight Freeney in the second half.

New York Newsday: It was a clean telecast for CBS.

Miami Herald: Super Bowl III lifted the game from the grips of irrelevance.

Dave Barry: The Super Bowl was great, and so was the game.

Gary Myers: Jets will be in next year's Super Bowl.

NBC New York: Super Bowl lessons for the Jets.

Mike Lupica: Season is never over for HC Rex Ryan.


More connections after the jump. on QB Mark Sanchez's ad: Go Jets!

Find out more about the stethoscope that recorded Mark's hearbeat.

Jerry Jones wouldn't mind a Jets-Cowboys game in Mexico.

LB David Harris thinks Peyton Manning is the best quarterback.

Former Jets RB Leon Johnson was honored in North Carolina.

Find out how much Joe Namath's jersey sold for at the Super Bowl auction. is ready to move on to the off-season. Offseason cuts to begin today.

New York Newsday is not impressed with The Who.

Find out how Colts fan David Letterman pulled off his secret promo with Jay and O.

The NFL might ban the 3-point stance to avoid concussions.

Dolphins DT Tony McDaniel was arrested yesterday.

Mark Sanchez was in a public service announcement last night:


And just because this all over youtube, what was CB Darrelle Revis really saying?: