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Meadowlands in Strong Position to Host a Super Bowl

Roger Goodell sounds like a man who wants to put a Super Bowl in the New York area.

The Super Bowl will be played in Miami this weekend, but the Jets and their crosstown rivals the Giants would love to host the big game outside in wintry conditions come 2014. You can count NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell as a big fan of the idea.

"The idea of playing in the elements is central to the way the game of football is played. I think being able to do that and celebrate the game of football in the number one market could have tremendous benefits to the league going forward," said the commissioner in his annual State of the League Address on Friday.

I agree with him. The NFL plays plenty of big games in cold weather. Would it be an advantage for a cold weather team over a warm weather team? Maybe it would the same way a hot and humid day in Miami would be an advantage for a warm weather team.

To paraphrase Hoosiers, the field is 100 yards long no matter where the game is played.