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Jason Campbell: Pursue or No?

It will be interesting to see how the Jets handle the backup quarterback position over the offseason. There really isn't much good anybody can say about the way Kellen Clemens performed when he saw action. He didn't turn it over, but even then he fumbled twice in a game and change of extensive action. Gang Green may very well look for a new backup for Mark Sanchez.

Looking at Washington's Jason Campbell is one option. The Redskins did everything they could last offseason to unseat Campbell, trying unsuccessfully to deal for Jay Cutler and Sanchez. It's not clear what Mike Shananhan thinks of him, but it's reasonable to guess he would want to bring in his own quarterback for a fresh start instead of going back to a guy who has not lifted the franchise to date.

If everything was equal, Campbell would be my top choice for backup quarterback. He has 52 starts under his belt and is only 28 years old. Is he an ideal fit for Brian Schottenheimer's offense? No, he lacks pinpoint accuracy of say a Chad Pennington and doesn't like making quick reads. With that said, there's a lot to like.

Campbell might not be able to put it exactly where he wants, but his competion percentage has improved every year he has been in the league. It hit 64.5% in 2009. He has the arm strength to make every kind of throw and good mobility to improvise and buy his receivers some extra time. He is not the kind of guy who can carry a team by himself, but that's not the job of the backup quarterback. It is to hold down the fort and make a few plays to keep a team in games until the starter gets better. It's also to avoid bad and costly decisions. Campbell had the seventh lowest rate of interceptions of any quarterback last decade. Some of the names he rates better than are striking, although he admittedly doesn't make the same number of big plays as those guys.

What I saw in Campbell in Washington was a guy who didn't have a ton of confidence. It's tough to blame him. He constantly had to learn a new offense. His offensive line situation was not terribly stable. His team openly tried to find his replacement a year ago. He always took the high road. The Jets could offer him a great situation, a chance to work on his game in a low pressure environment. If he ever had to go in, Gang Green could go back to the 2009 Sanchez plan, lean on the running game and defense and limit what is asked of the quarterback. He'd only have to make a few plays each game. I could see him fitting the role really well.

As I mentioned, Campbell would be my top choice if everything was equal. All things are not equal, however. In an uncapped year, Jason would be an unrestricted free agent. Even if the Redskins don't plan on keeping him, a young signal caller with the positive traits I mentioned has value in this quarterback starved league. It would be foolish to not tender him. That would mean any team would have to part with a pick in the top two rounds minimum. That's too much to give up for a luxury like a backup quarterback.

I vote don't pursue.

How do you vote?