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Chad Pennington 'Would Listen' To Jets

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This is an idea that has been talked about here at GGN a few times over the past few months, and the New York Daily News caught up with Chad Pennington at an NFL sponsored youth clinic to ask him about the possibility of returning to the Jets to back-up and mentor Mark Sanchez:

"I'd be crazy not to be interested," the current Dolphin said at a youth-football clinic, one of many NFL-sponsored events during Super Bowl week. "Once you think you're too big where you can't entertain every opportunity, you'd better be careful because you'll be looking from the outside in."

The Jets and Chad parted on frosty terms before the 2008 season, and he admitted that it would be difficult to return to the team that draft him and then tossed him aside for one year of the Brett Favre express, and like expresses often do, they disappear as quickly as they appear.

"Would it be tough? Sure it would be tough, emotionally, but it's always a possibility," he said. "I never rule anything out. Absolutely."

There is plenty of information for you to read on where he currently is rehab wise, but one comment that just stuck out to me as typical Chad Pennington:

"There's always a need for leadership and you don't necessarily have to lead from a starter's role."

First class Chad, first class. A lot of teams will be in for him this off-season, and we better be one of them.