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Jets Hire Mark Carrier

Mark Carrier is the new defensive line coach.

Carrier, the Ravens’ defensive backs coach for the past four seasons and an 11-year NFL cornerback, accepted a position as the Jets’ defensive line coach Wednesday because he can advance his career towards becoming a defensive coordinator and join a familiar staff.

"This is a chance for me to learn the front end and put the whole defense together and help me with my goal," Carrier said. "It’s stepping out of my box, out of my comfort zone. But it’s a great opportunity for me to grow as a coach, to build my resume, to enhance my career."

Carrier joins former Ravens defensive coordinator Rex Ryan, so he will be familiar with New York’s defensive system. Carrier will also work under Jets defensive coordinator Mike Pettine, who coached outside linebackers in Baltimore from 2005 to 2008.

"Rex gave me my chance here [in Baltimore], so I feel very comfortable with him," Carrier said. "I can almost 100 percent say I wouldn’t have done this for [just] anybody. It would have to be the right situation and this is the right situation for me."

Sounds like a good move to me. Rex had plenty of time to evaluate Carrier's quality as a coach and liked what he saw. It's good he will have another guy he's comfortable with helping him run his defense.