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Draft Breakdown Interviews Brandon Graham

Draft Breakdown is a great site, and they helped me out a lot with the senior bowl with information on the Jets, so make sure you check the site out. I noticed this interview they conducted with Brandon Graham, and as he is a player who we have focused on this week, I thought I would point it out. So to read the full interview, head over to Draft Brakdown:

Spencer(DB): Where do you think you fit in best in the NFL? Do you think you’re a 3-4 outside linebacker or do you feel confident you can play 4-3 defensive end at the next level?

Graham: I don’t really wanna say because I’m willing to do 4-3, 3-4, it doesn’t matter. I like linebacker a lot. I’ll say it like that. But I’ll play wherever the coaches want me to play.

Spencer(DB): Do you feel pretty comfortable dropping into coverage?

Graham: Oh yeah. I feel real good. I’ve been working on my hips, working on my drops every day in practice for Michigan. It’s almost the same but it’s a little different. With a little coaching from NFL guys, I believe I’ll get it done.
Spencer: What about on your side of the ball. Who’s impressed you so far?

Graham: Jared Odrick. That boy’s a good player and he’s got a motor, too. He always keeps going and I can’t wait to see him in the game.

He goes on to talk about what it would be like playing for the Ravens, and how practising with NFL coaches compared to college coaches differs.