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Scouting The Draft, Perrish Cox, CB

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Outside of Joe Haden there is no cornerback I'm higher on than Oklahoma State's Perrish Cox. Been a fan of his for a couple of years now, and I don't think I have ever seen a Oklahoma State game where I haven't come away impressed with Cox. Right now he is a 2nd round prospect for most people, that could change with an impressive showing on his pro day, where he can show his coverage talents.

He was arrested last year for driving with a suspended license. He committed a minor traffic violation in Waco, Texas. After he failed to turn up to his court hearing his license was suspended. It's nothing too major, but it is pure stupidity. Something you don't want to see from anyone, let alone talented football players, who are playing for their future.

He was also suspended for the 2009 Cotton Bowl for breaking team violations, this would of been a great chance to display his talents on a national stage. I'm not sure if we ever found out which rule he broke, but as a senior, knowing that he is going to the draft, doing something that forces your college to suspend you for the Cotton Bowl raises some serious questions. These questions are likely why he finds himself talked about as a second round draft choice and not a first.

I saw one of Cox's work outs at the Senior bowl last week, and he was outstanding. Not just impressive but outstanding, he had multiple interceptions in drills, receivers couldn't get away from him. Scouts were raving about his talent after these work outs, and that's why I wouldn't write him off for the first round. I'm confident that what the scouts saw at the Senior Bowl is the same as what they will see at the combine and his pro day.

He intercepted a pass from his college team mate Zac Robinson as well, a pass that he plucked out of the air after breaking the route with perfect timing.

Career Stats

2006- 12 games played, 25 tackles, 5 passes broken up, 0 sacks, 1 forced fumble, 2 interceptions

2007- 13 games played, 42 tackles, 8 passes broken up, 0 sacks, 0 forced fumbles, 2 interceptions

2008- 13 games played, 27 tackles, 8 passes broken up, 0 sacks, 0 forced fumbles, 2 interceptions

2009- 11 games played, 36 tackles, 15 passes broken up, 0 sacks, 0 forced fumbles, 4 interceptions

Career Awards & Achievements

2008 All-American (CBS Sports, as KR)

First-team Class 4A all-state and first-team all-Central Texas honors (2005/2006)

Semifinalist for the 2009 Jim Thorpe Award

2009 All American (Sporting News, College Football News)


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What does Perrish Cox do well?

Perrish is a stand out kick returner as well as a cover corner. Is a physical player at the line, and can tackle impressively in the open field. Does a nice job breaking up screens. Won't astound you with his speed in the combine but plays with game speed and can run step for step with anyone in the college game. Has very fluid hips, and shows a great burst out of the back-pedal. Reads the quarterbacks eyes to jump routes, and goes up and makes plays on the ball. Doesn't allow easy completions, will get his hands in and try and disrupt the receiver. A very intelligent football player who knows how to position himself on the field, uses the sideline as a friend cutting the space a receiver has to work. His football intelligence and recognition on the field are the stand out attributes of Perrish Cox. Shadowed opposing teams number one receiver a lot of the year. Has some serious swagger

What does Perrish Cox need to improve on?

He needs to be more intelligent with his discipline, getting suspended and arrested call his character and commitment into question. Coming into 2009 many people only saw him as a nickel and dime corner, his man coverage was called into question and he was considered a zone corner only. However after this season, a lot of those questions have been answered. He could work on his run support for the next level, that seems to be a concern across the board with college corners. Needs to learn to use his hands to get off blocks instead of trying to use speed to go around them. Needs to improve his balance to stay with receivers who make double moves.

Final Thought

There are few players in this draft I'm higher on than Perrish Cox. If he fell to us in the 2nd it would be an absolute steal of epic proportions. In fact the runner who would take the selection to the commissioner would have to wear a mask and carry a swag bag, it would be that much of a steal in my opinion. I wouldn't be against taking him in the first, I know several people may think this is crazy, but he has the potential to be a lock down corner. His man coverage has come on so much this year, the thought of him lining up with Revis over the next few years is pretty exciting. He solves a need for us in the secondary, and has a ton of potential. If he has a good combine and pro day he will start to climb, and If he is not regarded as a first round selection come draft day, I will be very surprised. He vaults straight to the top of my preference list:

Game Highlights

Perrish Cox v AJ Green (Georgia)


My order of preference for prospects we have looked at so far:

1) Perrish Cox

2) Jared Odrick

3) Brandon Graham

4) Golden Tate

5) Donovan Warren

=5) Patrick Robinson

6) Damien Williams

7) Taylor Mays

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