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Sanchez Will Be Ready for Camp

Mark Sanchez expects to be fully recovered from knee surgery in time for training camp.

Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez described the upcoming surgery on his left knee as "pretty minor'' and said he'll "definitely'' be ready to go when training camp opens in July, if not sooner, and he won't have to wear a brace on the knee anymore.

Sanchez, speaking this afternoon on ESPN-1050, said the surgery will stabilize the patella ligament in the knee to the point where there'll be only a five percent chance of him tweaking it again. He said he aggravated the knee in a Week 12 game against the Panthers when his kneecap popped out and then popped back in.

"It just was the right decision to make at this point in my career,'' said Sanchez, who'll have the surgery in the next two weeks. "The success rate of this surgery is so high. The chance of me having any problem is so low.

I'm sure the knee was nothing major. The Jets didn't trade up and give Mark a monster contract without examining it over and over. All the same, this is very good news. Sanchez was already pretty mobile. Losing the brace is going to make him more comfortable heading into what we all hope will be a breakout season.