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David Clowney: Stay or Go?

David Clowney has been a star of the last two preseasons. He put up 15 catches for 465 yards and 5 touchdowns in 6 games. He was such a dynamic vertical threat that his play actually had some people believing Brett Ratliff could be a successful quarterback in the NFL. It looked like the Jets may have something in the young waiver wire pickup from Green Bay. Things never really panned out.

Clowney was injured and inactive for most of 2008. He did look good in limited opportunities. 2009 was supposed to be his big chance. There was a fresh start with a new coach. There was a wide open competition of unheralded guys to start along with Jerricho Cotchery. Another monster preseason raised hopes. Clowney was largely invisible. His most notable moment was arguably a suspension for complaining about his lack of playing time on Twitter. He had a couple of good games against Miami and Oakland during the first half of the year but very little else. David looked more and more like a guy who could run really fast on vertical routes but not a ton else. He hasn't looked very refined as a route runner.

David Clowney's one of my favorite people on the team. He keeps a blog to stay close to his fans. He took in his brother and is raising him. I just don't see where he fits on this team. He didn't really show he's capable of starting on the outside or working in the slot. If he's going to be near the back of the depth chart, he really needs to contribute on special teams like Brad Smith and Wallace Wright. He hasn't really done much on that end. The Jets also have a talented guy, Aundrae Allison, coming back capable of playing the burner role in multi receiver sets.

I regrettably vote go.

How do you vote?