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Jets Flight Connections 022610

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Ggn-1st-draft_medium_medium_medium_medium_medium_medium_medium_medium_medium talks with LB Calvin Pace.

RG Brandon Moore blogs about his business school experience.

Mark Cannizzaro: Meat makes grade in Harvard program.

Rich Cimini: Mr. Moore goes to Harvard.

Brandon talks about possibly losing RB Thomas Jones.

NFL insider Charley Casserly talks to SNY about the combine, TJ and the Jets.

The Bears don't seem interested in their former player. Jets roll the dice with Jones and K Jay Feely.

Find out how you can bid on a Jets jersey signed by QB Mark Sanchez.

A Super Bowl in New York is looking more and more probable.


More connections after the jump.


Cimini thinks that it is unlikely for QB Chad Pennington to be a Jet again.

AFC East Blogs writes about 3-4 nose tackles.

Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland talks about the division. is impressed with S Myron Rolle.

The Morning Call: There is a plethora of talent at the NFL combine.

New York Daily News: The NFL is requiring brain activity exams for combine players.

Associated Press: The NFL and the union complete another bargaining session.

New York Post: Commissioner Roger Goodell sees no progress on labor front.


Let's look back to the team's outlook during last year's offseason.

Madbacker Bart Scott predicted the Jets can be the number one defense:


Before Sanchez was drafted, OC Brian Schottenheimer believed the starter was already on the roster:


WR David Clowney hoped to step up after the departure of Laveranues Coles: