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Cimini: '2nd Round Tenders to Leon & Brad'

Everyone's favourite beat reporter Rich Cimini posted this update to his Twitter earlier today:

Nothing official yet, but it looks like RFAs Leon Washington and Brad Smith both will be tendered at the 2nd round level ($1.759 mil)

Seems logical. I don't think anyone takes a roll on Brad for a second but Leon is an interesting case. He is coming off surgery, but he is explosive, anyone looking for a change of pace back, who can also return kicks and punts might be intrigued by this. So starting from the new League year on March 5th, any team can sign either Leon or Brad to an offer sheet. We then have 7 days to match that offer, or let them leave and pick up a 2nd round selection instead.

Of course it all depends on the offers that Leon and Brad get, but if they were offered, and you had the chance to pick up 2nd round draft picks would you let them go? Would you let just one go and not the other?

Obviously this is not set in stone, nothing is official, so things could change.