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Brian Westbrook: Pursue or No?

The Eagles cut their 30 year old running back after 8 seasons in Philadelphia this week. He has a 4.6 yard average per carry and 426 receptions for 3,790 yards in his career. Just 2 years ago, he had 1,333 yards and a 4.8 average on the ground and 90 receptions for 771 receiving yards with 14 total touchdowns. He was versatile enough for the Eagles to move around the field. He's shown the receiving skills to line up in the slot.

Westbrook has also struggled to stay on the field due to injuries in the career. He has battled ailments with his foot, ankle, and ribs. A pair of concussions knocked him out of 8 games in 2009. The emergence of LeSean McCoy made Westbrook expendable.

If the Jets keep Thomas Jones, I don't see much use for a guy like Westbrook. If the Jets grow weary of the idea of paying Jones' roster bonus and do release him, I think the former Eagle would be an excellent option. With Shonn Greene and Leon Washington ahead of him, The Jets could reduce his carries to keep him fresh. He would be a shifty option to compliment Shonn's power and Leon's speed. He's also a much better receiving threat than Jones although not as good of a blocker.

If the Jets keep Thomas Jones, I vote do not pursue.

If the Jets get rid of Thomas Jones, I vote pursue.

How do you vote?