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Feely's Agent- Contract Made "No Sense"

Thanks to the Jets Blog which is where I saw this first, taken from the Daily News:

Feely still wants to return to the Jets, according to his agent, Glenn Schwartzman. But Schwartzman also said it "made no sense to accept what they offered … We were left with no choice but to test the (free-agent) waters."

It’s unclear if the Jets remain interested in Feely, but it’s hard to imagine them not keeping an open mind. Folk was a train wreck last season, missing a field goal in each of his last six games before being cut two weeks before the playoffs. It was a mysterious meltdown, as Folk was a Pro Bowl kicker in 2007. Both the Jets and Giants worked him out last week.

I'm not surprised to hear this, Mike T is a shrewd businessman, and if he can convince you to take a deal on the cheap then he is going to do it, unfortunately with a combination of the fact that the Raiders just blew the value for kickers wide open and Jay being a man who knows a little something about matters like this, it didn't work. I remember the contracts we were reportedly offering Leon last year, ridiculously low and a slap in the face. You can't blame Mike for trying it, and you can't blame Jay for rejecting it. This is not the first time that our management and a player have been on separate islands when it comes to contract values. Exact figures are not known, perhaps they wanted him at the same deal they got him last year, and after a successful season he thought he was worth more. All we do know is that he was offered a deal that made 'no sense'. I can't see Jay holding the Jets to ransom, because I'm not sure how much leverage is there. One thing is for sure, I hope they can come to an agreement on the numbers because moving into a new season with Nick Folk as the kicker. That doesn't fill me with much confidence at all.

Jay told ESPN yesterday that negotiations were positive, I can't imagine him saying that if a contract had been offered and rejected and the two decided to go their separate ways. I guess he will test the open market and see what other teams are offering, and then compare that to the Jets. I'm hopeful something can still get done but not exactly expecting anything any time soon.