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Howard Green: Stay or Go?

Backup defensive lineman Howard Green is an unrestricted free agent this year. The 320 pounder did an adequate job holding the point of attack on the line. He didn't do a ton to distinguish himself. There were points when he was blown off the ball, but he generally did a decent job holding the point of attack for a big man low on the depth chart.

This might be the least exciting profile of this series. There just isn't a ton to write about the guy good or bad. I wouldn't really mind either way. I'm inclined to want the Jets to let him walk for a few reasons. First, even with the restrictions, upgrading or at least finding somebody younger who can play equally as well. Second, if another team signs Green, the Jets can use that slot to sign a free agent of their own. The biggest reason is the Jets cut him during the year and only resigned him when Kris Jenkins went down, and the pickings were slim. Rex didn't think he was tremendously valuable to this defense. I trust him on a call like that. If the Jets sing a different tune and him back, I won't have a problem with that.

I vote go.

How do you vote?