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Attn: GGN Now on Twitter and Facebook

As we embark on our third season covering all things NY Jets, we have decided to branch out and use Twitter and Facebook as yet another medium to interact with our readers.

The purpose of this is to make your news gathering easier, as the two accounts both will be directly linked into GGN. Any new articles that are published on here will appear on there with a short description to boot.

Fortunately for you all, being that it's the start of the offseason, there just isn't much news out there. Because of that, we will do our best to personally respond to each of you and answer any questions or comments you may have. Once things pick up in April though, that interaction will likely decrease somewhat as we move towards more pressing issues - covering the draft & the un-capped offseason moves as they happen.. The "breaking news" tweets and posts though, will always be posted.

So send us a tweet! Or write on our wall!


GangGreen Nation



twitter / GangGreenNation

We have some real goodies lined up over the next two months to tide you all over until April (when the real news rolls around). So stay tuned!  Now, back to J-E-T-S football.