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Could Jets Bite on Asomugha? Unlikely

I think we touched on this a while ago, and basically just swatted it away as a nice idea but too unrealistic to really consider. Well the ESPN AFC East Blog, asked this question tonight amid reports by Adam Schefter that the Oakland Raiders were shopping their shut down corner:

But the Jets can make all the trades they want.

If Asomugha really wants to play with Revis and experience life under defensive savant Ryan -- and get out of Oakland while he's at it -- perhaps he'd be willing to restructure his deal to play for a team that's trying to, you know, win.

The possibility of Asomugha still seems remote because of his contract, but the fact the Raiders are dangling him around the league makes you wonder how nauseous AFC East quarterbacks will get at the mere thought of him and Revis in green and white together.

We should probably just start by saying that this is a long shot, it's unlikely to ever come to anything, but why not discuss it anyway. First and foremost we need to concentrate on getting our own shutdown corner locked up before negotiating the contract of another. There is no immediate rush, but it has to be considered. I'm not even sure taking on that contract is a possibility.

Last year he signed a 3 year $45.3 million contract, $28.6 million in the first two years are guaranteed. That is a lot of money and an epic victory for whoever Asomugha's agent is. On top of his contract you have to consider what we would need to give up to get him, a couple of first round picks+ possibly. Then would he renogotiate a contract that is set to pay him as much.

The thought of having Asomugha and Revis on the same team would make any fan giddy, regardless of QB completion % against him last year, he is the epitome of shut-down, teams just don't throw at him, with Revis on the other side, it would make passing on the Jets near impossible. However it's just not that plausible. Impossible? not really, but improbable? absolutely.