Needs for off-season?

Everyone in the GG-Nation seems to think that the Jets most pressing need is at WR. Yes WR depth should be addressed either late round draft or thru free-agency, but the Jets should not waste future draft picks or mega bucks on this lack of or perceived lack of depth. One of the first things that the Jets should do in my opinion is worry more about overall team depth and preparation for the future. Picking as low as we are in this draft and hopefully in future drafts is one reason that we should first address the lack of depth in the d-line and d-backfield. Yes the defense played well in the playoffs but the hole created when Jenkins went down was a huge one.The draft seems to be rather deep in def tackles and one of the top 5-6 tackles should be available when we pick. Also our d-backfield is in need of a hitter.Picking where we are could also land us a smash-mouth or cover guy that could help stabilize and give us some depth.The third need we have is also some form of insurance for Sanchez-I don't think that Kellen is the answer for this and Brad is a wildcat or 1-2 game QB.Lastly I would like to see some TE help, yes Keller really improved his blocking but it would be more beneficial to Schotty if we gave him another weapon for the looks like a run pass or the looks like a pass run. I don't know who Rex will have rated high that could fall to us as Shonn Greene did last year, but I hope the draft team can give us another sleeper that someone overlooked.We are in good hands!!!!

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