Ending All This Cromartie Talk

So you've all no doubt seen that the Chargers will be shopping CB Antonio Cromartie next season. Let me say this unequivocally - there is no way in all the world that the Jets pick him up.

Just take a look at that hilariously embarrassing spoof of Cromartie and some other Chargers on Facebook during the Divisional Championship against the Jets and tell me that this guy in any way, shape, or form deserves to be on this NYJ team. Thanks for finding that, GGN.

I don't think he's necessarily bad at what he does, although his stats aren't all that good compared to other corners (ranked 38th in coverage of all CBs playing in >50% of snaps, 33rd overall), but I think that anyone in the Jets FO who takes a look at this tape will have a very difficult time convincing anyone that Cro showed anything but disdain and lack of respect for Gang Green (and Shonn Greene, for that matter). Not to mention that he completely gave up at the end of that game. Seriously look at the MMA link - it's so hard to watch.

Talk about Leigh Bodden, Dunta Robinson, Carlos Rogers, or anyone else from the draft (thanks for the shoutout, Jaime S!) to fix our CB woes, but please leave Cromartie out of the discussion in the future.

EDIT: Forgot to add this heartbreaking one from Kissing Suzy Kolber on LT's dismissal from the team. PLEASE don't let this be us with TJ next year. BRING HIM BACK!

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