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Jets Flight Connections 022210

Ggn-1st-draft_medium_medium_medium_medium_medium is now linking to GGN articles.

QB Erik Ainge will be at 12 Angry Mascots.

Former Jets draft pick Danny Sanders is inducted into a college hall of fame.

Decide between Super Bowl III or the Miracle on Ice. has FGN's offseason outlook. says the team might be interested in CB Donovan Warren.

Hilarious fake facebook on CB Antonio Cromartie (got the link from Baltimore Beatdown).


More connections after the jump.


South Bergenite: Man who worked on both stadiums recalls old times.

The Buffalo News has a mock draft with the Jets picking DE Carlos Dunlap. CB Leigh Bodden in a holding pattern. Draft and QB options for the Rams.

Here is Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback.

Here is another story about Eagles fandom.

Here is FS Kerry Rhodes at a late night after-party:


Wine expert Gary Vaynerchuk wants to buy the Jets:


Last year's draft highlights for QB Mark Sanchez: