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Jets Flight Connections 022110

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WR David Clowney played softball for charity.

FS Kerry Rhodes and DC Mike Pettine apparently had a productive meeting.

Former Jet Little John Flowers is inducted into Loy Norrix athletic Hall of Fame. writes about the team's high expectations. shares info about the NFL On Location draft package.


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The Telegraph writes about former Jets draft pick P Craig Hentrich's great adventure.

Boston Globe: WR Randy Moss doesn't expect to stay long in New England.

Sun Sentinel: CB Will Allen is arrested on DUI.

Miami Herald: The draft is crucial to the Dolphins' future.

Denver Post: A big reason why WR Brandon Marshall wants out of Denver.

Indianapolis StarBandwagon annoys Colts fan. Gut instinct told Ravens to risk signing WR Donte Stallworth.

Yahoo Sports lists their top five offensive tackles.

Yahoo Sports lists their top five tight ends.

Check out George Sabra's sculpture of the Jets:


GM Mike Tannenbaum from last year, on moving up to pick QB Mark Sanchez:


And highlights of the QB from USC: