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FanPosts, FanShots, and Recs

FanPosts should be used when you have something to say. It may be a reaction to a link or video. You may just have scattered thoughts you need to share. The important thing is you are giving us your own opinion on a matter. If you are responding to a link or video, please share and quote it.

FanPosts must have at least 75 characters. Please use good grammar and spelling. The best FanPosts in terms of in depth analysis and proper writing format may be promoted to the front page at the discretion of the administrators.

FanShots are not your own thought. They exist so that you can share the work of others whether it be a link, a quote, a video, or a picture, with others.

If you like a post, comment, FanPost, or FanShot, you can recommend it by clicking the Rec button on the bottom of the page once you are logged in. If enough people Rec something, it will receive a place of greater prominence on the site.