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Tony Richardson: Stay or Go?

The Jets' offensive line gets a lot of credit for its run blocking. The backs get credit for their production. The fullback helping with the dirty work gets forgotten. Tony Richardson is one of the most important players on the roster. You barely hear his name. He's not a pass catching threat like Richie Anderson and Jerald Sowell were. He doesn't get many carries. What he does is block, the traditional fullback role. He does it very well.

Priest Holmes, Larry Johnson, Adrian Peterson, and Thomas Jones. That's an impressive collection, right? Richarson was the lead blocker for the most productive years of each one's career. At 38 Richardson's athleticism defies his age. His intelligence does not. Tony consistently reads the defense, finds the guy he needs to hit to spring his back, meets him quickly, and seals him. Richardson is quietly one of if not the best lead blockers in the game.

I think the only question is whether Richardson wants to suit up for one more run at a ring. The Jets should welcome him back with open arms and with another one year contract if he does. Seldom appreciated, Tony is a major part of this team's success running the ball. He'll leave a huge hole if he retires.

I vote stay.

How do you vote?


Should the Jets bring back Tony Richardson?

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