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Jets Flight Connections 022010


Nick Mangold, Darrelle Revis and Rex Ryan are this site's center, corner and coach of the year.

LB David Harris helps Haiti.

New DL coach Mark Carrier remembers picking off the Jets in 1997.

Here is Carrier's bio on the team website.

Here is Carriers wikipedia information.

And here are Carrier's career statistics.


More connections after the jump. The Jets are waffling on RB Thomas Jones. has TJ's approval ratings. is offering a Revis Island wallpaper. asks if the Jets can be New York's number one.

QB Mark Sanchez was watching the Tiger Woods apology.

AFC East Blog writes about AFC East tight ends.

The Sun-Sentinel writes about Jason Taylor's shoulder surgery.

There might be more than one shared NFL stadium in the future.

The Fifth Down: NFL will be playing tag on Thursday. NFL trades are expected to increase in frequency.

Yahoo Sports has part 1 of their top ten offseason stories.

Pro Bowl absentee Bryant McKinnie will have to pay back the NFL.

Some videos from NFL Network via

Top 10 cold weather games.

Notable unrestricted free agents for 2010.

2010 draft buzz and initial breakdown.

Mike Mayock's top 5 RBs in the 2010 draft.

Mike Mayock's top 10 DBs in the 2010 draft.

GM Mike Tannenbaum on the final four and the uncapped year:


The New Meadowlands:


And The Sanchise's pro day from last year: