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Danny Woodhead: Stay or Go?

I think Danny Woodhead is the kind of guy everybody wants to root for. There aren't many 5'8" guys from a Division II school who have a chance to make it in the NFL. He put up a 158 yard rushing effort in the final game of the preseason, seemingly securing a roster spot. He survived the final cuts but was cut a day later and was later signed to the practice squad.

Woodhead was signed to the active roster midseason. The team officially changed his position to wide receiver, but he spent a good chunk of his playing time in the backfield as a third down back attempting to replace Leon Washington. He caught 8 passes for 87 yards and ran 15 times for 64 yards.

This is difficult because I want to see Woodhead succeed, but I haven't seen much out of him to make me think he'll be a big contributor for this team in the future. He hasn't impressed me as a route runner, not surprising considering he's a natural running back. It's wouldn't seem hard to find a guy further along.

He also hasn't really blown me away as a back that final preseason game notwithstanding. He tends to go straight down the second he is met with contact. He doesn't have the lower body strength to break tackles. In the past I was intrigued by his 4.3 40 speed, but there aren't many plays where an offensive player runs 40 yards in a straight line. It doesn't look like Woodhead is elusive or makes moves quickly enough to make an impact as a back.

Danny was a major pass catching threat in college and has good hands. I say the Jets should look to develop him as a receiver and stash him on the practice squad. That's how I vote.

How do you vote?


What should the Jets do with Danny Woodhead?

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  • 52%
    Keep him
    (231 votes)
  • 39%
    Cut him to the practice squad
    (172 votes)
  • 7%
    Cut him and let him walk
    (33 votes)
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