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Jets Flight Connections 020210

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Some fun with quotes today.  Let's start with Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports:

"I think it’s important for guys who are voted to the game [to play in the Pro Bowl]," said veteran Tennessee Titans center Kevin Mawae.

"These are the moments that 10 years down the line after I’m done I’ll look back and remember," said [Nnamdi] Asomugha, who playfully used this week to recruit New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis to play opposite of him in Oakland.  "In a league where man-to-man coverage has kind of died out, that would really bring it back, I think."

So it seems playing in the Pro Bowl is a memorable moment, and having two shutdown corners together seems like a special thing, especially these days when offenses seem to be favored.

Let's see if anybody can expound on that.  Tim Graham of ESPN's AFC East Blog:

"Me and Revis have been talking to Rex to try to do something," Asomugha said.  "You may see us in the future.  There's a little bit of talk going on.  Either he's coming to Oakland or something else will happen."

"You always want that as a player, to have that guy on the other side of you that's equally as talented and can make plays.  It fuels you a little bit.  We'd been joking around with [AFC coach] Norv Turner throughout practices all week, and with [NFL commissioner] Roger Goodell.  He said they probably wouldn't allow us on the same team."

So Rex has been involved in a conversation about "something."  Revis comes to Oakland or something else.  And apparently Roger Goodell was involved in the lighthearted fun, too.  And look, he even offered up his own opinion about it.

So now let's imagine there's a blog out there that pretty much finds links and simply reiterates it.  Yet the writers seem to be doing this as a full-time jobs and probably get paid very well for it.  What might a certain writer come up with in order to generate more hits?  Let's try

Tampering charges could be on the horizon for Rex Ryan.

Per Tim Graham of, Raiders cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha wants to be a Jet.  And Asomugha says that he has spoken ... to Ryan himself.

Even if Asomugha initiated the contact, Ryan has an absolute obligation to refrain ... and contact the league office.

So, according to this blogger, Tim Graham wrote that Nnamdi wants to be a Jet.  That's interesting because nowhere in the Tim Graham article do I see anything that specific. quotes that he wants to be on the same team with Revis and that Revis is "coming to Oakland or something else."

And although Nnamdi has contacted the NFL commissioner himself,  who apparently did not refrain, Rex Ryan and the Jets get to be labeled with tampering.  It doesn't seem to be responsible journalism, but coming from a mere pretend-expert gossipper, there's no reason to expect anything close to real, responsible, fair and accurate journalism.


Anyways, more of the usual connections after the jump.


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It looks like they will keep playing the Pro Bowl.

Another blog picks up the Nnamdi-to-Jets angle. jumps in and says go ahead with a trade.

But then Silver and Black Report provides some common sense: All that talk was just playful banter.

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LG Alan Faneca is the only current Jet on the All-Decade Team.

C Nick Mangold wants a new deal, and the team may try to accomodate.

New York Post: The Jets will try to make Revis one of the NFL's highest paid players.

Yahoo Sports: Former Jets LB Jonathan Vilma is at home with the Saints.

He has asked for tips from former teammates LB David Harris and FS Kerry Rhodes.

Colts G Kyle DeVan was on the Jets practice squad.

Boston GlobeAFC East may hold Super Bowl clues. Revis goes after Moss again. Injuries don't explain WR Randy Moss's season.

This article wants two Jets, RB Leon Washington and FB Tony Richardson.

The Miami Dolphins and the Cleveland Browns have exchanged vice presidents.

Here is a warning if you plan on watching the Super Bowl.

Apparently, Bruce Willis is a Jets fan:


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