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Sanchez Opts For Surgery

According to ESPN's Tim Graham, Mark Sanchez has decided to undergo surgery on his left knee

The Daily News posted on its Web site Tuesday morning that it has learned Sanchez will have surgery in the next two or three weeks. The paper said it would be performed by the Jets' doctors, led by Ken Montgomery.

The surgery would stabilize the patella ligament in his left knee, which was injured during college.

Sanchez will miss some of the off-season work outs, but should be fit and raring to go well before training camp is set to get under way. Sanchez has been worried by this for some time, and has had to wear a knee brace for stability. With this procedure done, he should be able to play without the brace which will give him more mobility. With a QB who throws so well on the run, that's a positive.

You never want to see a player, especially a young Quarterback go through surgery, but if it improves his play then I'm all for it. Get it sorted now.