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Brandon Moore at Harvard Business School

The official team website has an interesting story on how Brandon Moore is spending his offseason.

Now I feel I'm not sitting on my laurels but that I'm more comfortable with my situation as a player, what I've done, what I stand for. I wanted to start making a transition plan for my post-football career. Being a member of the PA [NFL Players Association] and being a veteran, you kind of know the resources that are out this way. I felt like this program at Harvard contains some of the things I may be interested in taking part in after I'm done playing, such as as franchising and entrepreneurship — all the basic things they're teaching you here. That's what went into my decision.

I've always wanted to be a franchiser, to start my own business maybe. I like to cook. I obviously like food. I definitely knew I wanted to get involved in the food business. Whether that was franchising or taking a little riskier endeavor and starting my own restaurant, I didn't know. But after being here with so many different people to pull information from, the experienced people they bring in, professors and players, well, you've got more questions now as to what you want to do than when you came in. But I think that's a good thing, and being able to draw information from different people here has helped me with that.

These guys make so much money that you wonder how many of them think through how they'll spend their post playing days when the paychecks won't be so big. There are a lot of stories of professional athletes who don't prepare and face financial ruin.

Kind of cool to see a guy so well rounded.