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Folk To Audition with Jets

NY Post's Giants blogger Paul Schwartz reveals that both New York teams will bring in former Cowboys kicker Nick Folk for a try out at some point this week.

Folk who was drafted in round 6 of the 2007 NFL draft out of Arizona was cut this year by the Cowboys after he missed 7 of his final 11 kicks including a 24 yard chip shot against the New Orleans Saints. The 2007 pro bowler made just 18 of 28 kicks in 2009 for a FG % of just 64%.

It was quite the fall from grace after he completed 90.9% of his field goal attempts in 2008, and 83.9% during his rookie campaign. However for some reason he seemed to get a severe case of the jitters in 2009.

Folk recorded 4 touchbacks in 2007, but has failed to register a single one over the last two years. He was replaced for kick-off duty by David Buehler.

With Jay Feely being a unrestricted free agent, it is hardly surprising to see the Jets just doing their due diligence, especially with a 25 year old kicker who has been shown to be reliable in the past.

Folk will also audition with the Giants while he is in town.

Bottom line for me, he was replaced on kick-offs for a reason, and he missed 7-11 to end his Cowboy career. I doubt he's the Jets kicker next year, and I for one hope that he isn't, not much into downgrading, which is what this would be.